New Teeth 4

7.30pm, 10 February 2017 at Hackney Showroom

Photos by Dimitri Djuric
Videos by Mattia Pagura

Scroll down to see videos of complete pieces by Ludwig Abraham, Timothy Cape, Caitlin Rowley and Josh Spear

Ludwig Abraham – Tykes
Timothy Cape – Wildflower // with Caitlin Rowley and Josh Spear
Caitlin Rowley – Paper // Sarah James, cello
Josh Spear – Extended Play // with Edward Henderson, Timothy Cape and Caitlin Rowley


Sharon Gal
Andy Ingamells and Maya Verlaak – Tape Piece // Edward Henderson and Andy Ingamells
Andy Ingamells – Solo
Andy Ingamells – He that Plays the English Gentleman Shall be Welcome
Impermanence Dance Theatre (Eleanor Perry, Danny Hay Gordon, Patricia Langa and Ale Marzotto Levi)

Andy Ingamells performs Solo



New Teeth 4 poster image