Fresh & Clean 3

Bastard Assignments: Fresh & Clean

13 February 2016

Block 336 Gallery, Brixton

Photographs by Dimitri Djuric

Josh Spear – Planet Dysphoria

Kajsa Magnarsson – Improvisations for Rape Alarm

Caitlin Rowley – Things I Found in Boxes: Opening

Jennifer Walshe – Comment on Dirt and Ravings

Jennifer Walshe – 16 Haiku

Timothy Cape – The Very Best Days of Your Life
[performed by Sebastian Adams, Yseult Cooper Stockdale, Barry O’Halpin, Josh Spear and Edward Henderson]

Barry O’Halpin – Three Cells Drinking the Medium
[performed by Sebastian Adams, Yseult Cooper Stockdale and Barry O’Halpin]

Kajsa Magnarsson – Strap On and Electric Guitar

Edward Henderson – Morrissey Lives!