Bastard Assignments has been featured in articles and profiles in the Guardian, the Telegraph, Neue Zeitschrift für Musik and The Wire magazine. Read some of our profiles here:

The Rambler profile cover image Bastard Assignments 1: Profile for Neue Zeitschrift für Musik, by Tim Rutherford-Johnson
27 July 2020 “[…] more like a laboratory than a rehearsal […]”
New Music at Home – Bastard Assignments, by Tom McKinney (with added sheep!)
25 June 2020 “[…] everything is so carefully worked out […] meticulously rehearsed […]”
Perverse Choreography and Virtuosic Lip-Synching: Who Are Performance Collective Bastard Assignments?, by Emily Bick
Frieze Editorial, 10 October 2019 “The group […] push experimental composition to its limit”
VirtuallyReality profile pic There’s something about calling Bastard Assignments a ‘quartet’ which feels like is missing the point., interview with Michael Brailey
VirtuallyReality FEATURE005, April 2019 “I think, in performance, the fact that we’ve spent so long working together comes across; there’s a weird family vibe that we often lean into.”
Sounds Like Now profile cover This Is a Score. This Is Another. This Is a Third. Now Form a Band, by Robert Barry
Sounds Like Now, Issue 4, August 2017 “‘We want to just do it ourselves, in our own way’, Henderson told me, ‘and then, you know, fuck ’em, basically’.”
Family Unknown article image Family Unknown, by Robert Barry
The Wire Issue 384, February 2016 [PDF, 1.1Mb] “Weirdness starts at home for London composer’ collective Bastard Assignments”

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