Recent press mentions

8 December 2020
Tim Rutherford-Johnson has picked our Lockdown Jams for his favourite releases of 2020 list: “Trust BA to make 2020 even weirder and more unsettling. […] the early instantiations capture like nothing else the unravelling, baffling, inexpertly improvisational mess that was spring 2020.”

From June 2020
Raphael Jacobs is creating a regularly updating poetic blog post for Positionen, following our Lockdown Jams.

March 2020
‘We can be quite rude with each other’ […] ‘Politeness takes up too much time’. If you ever wanted to know what a Bastard Assignments rehearsal is like, read Tim Rutherford-Johnson’s profile of us for Neue Zeitung für Musik issue 3/2020. (If your German’s not so great, you can also read it in English on The Rambler.)

31 March 2020
“one of the most exciting forces in contemporary music” – Josh Spero features our lockdown jams in his article on musicians in quarantine in the Financial Times (requires subscription to view).

10 October 2019
“There is no such thing as a typical Bastard Assignments performance… bizarre, compelling and truly unexpected” – Frieze magazine published a profile on us!

August 2019
“polymorphously perverse, a little scary, tender and very gross […] Job well done.” – Emily Bick reports on our performance at SPOR Festival in The Wire

24 May 2019
“the composer/performers on devastating form” – Robert Hugill reviews our gig at Mountview on Planet Hugill

9 August 2018
“At times challenging, and often bordering on the absurd, […] works seamlessly blending aspects of stage, screen and sound project a vision of the future where art escapes identification and subversive humour plays a key role in our survival” – Ilia Rogatchevski reviews our Block 336 gig featuring Thick and Tight’s A Birthday Party in September’s issue of The Wire

April 2018
“mysterious… theatrical… everyday oddness… [a] more formally constrained Julius Eastman” – Stephen Chase characterises our pieces from hcmf// in his survey of the festival for Tempo:

Section of review in Tempo April 2018

7 February 2018
“doesn’t it start to feel a lot like music?” Robert Barry reviews our gig with Mocrep in The Wire.

Excerpt from Robert Barry's review

December 2017
Nice mentions for Bastard Assignments and a quote from Edward Henderson in the latest issue of The Wire:
“[…] regarding artworks like Sehgal’s This Progress[…] : ‘That’s music! That’s what I do! You’re a composer, Tino! It’s more than notes. But that’s music, to me.'”

28 September 2017
“Personal, fidgety, thrillingly odd, the works of the London-based foursome are Fluxus for the Facebook generation” – Igor Toronyi-Lalic in the hcmf 2017 programme

8 August 2017
We’re delighted to have been included in Leonie Reinecke’s programme on the contemporary music scene in Britain “Ideen müssen von den Rändern kommen” (“Ideas must come from the edges”) for Deutschlandfunk radio

2 August 2017
Robert Barry in Sounds Like Now: This Is a Score. This Is Another. This Is a Third. Now Form a Band.

12 February 2017
‘From the bizarre to the wonderful’: Robert Hugill reviews NEW TEETH 4

5 January 2017
Bachtrack says we’re keeping the Boulez spirit alive. That’s nice, eh?

14 December 2016
We’re in Robert Barry’s ‘Pros’ of 2016 in The Wire!

10 November 2016
NEW TEETH 3 ‘brokering new faces, sounds and spaces’: review in The Cusp

26 June 2016
Apparently we’re ‘normal’, according to Leo Chadburn’s interesting survey of London’s experimental scene, Live from London.

7 May 2016
“On the margins of what?” Bastard Assignments and New Discipline on the London experimental music scene – article by Edward Henderson in MusikTexte 149

MusikTexte 149 cover

12 March 2016
“Thank god for deranged music collectives like Bastard Assignments” Igor Toronyi-Lalic in The Spectator.

16 Feb 2016
A thorough account of our Block 336 Fresh & Clean gig from Robert Hugill.

16 Jan 2016
Profile and interview with Tim and Edward in The Wire February 2016 (issue 384) – page 14 –  grab your copy!
or click to read it here

12 Jan 2016
Write up of LCMF in The Quietus as a “spontaneous sonic installation cum trip hazard”.

9 Jan 2016
Great review of the whole of LCMF 2015 by Mr Laurie Tompkins in Electronic Beats including nice write up of the BA contribution at the beginning! Tape Piece is a characteristically impish acclimatization to Ambika P3″

22 Dec 2015
Evening Standard reviews BA’s appearance at London Contemporary Music Festival.


17 Dec 2015
We’re in The Telegraph’s Classical write up of the year! Clearly our first Fresh & Clean gig stuck in his memory – check it out!

8 Dec 2015
Robert Hugill gave us a rather nice write up for our second Fresh & Clean gig at Asylum. Read it here »

21 Nov 2015
Christopher Fox interviewed Edward and Tim for his article in The Guardian on the UK’s new music scene.

10 Aug 2015
Robert Hugill reviews our show at Tête à Tête: The Opera Festival King’s Cross 2015. disturbing/intriguing/disturbing = thought-provoking, apparently.

23 July 2015
Kerry Andrew gives us a nice little mention in The Guardian.