WORLD TOUR of London

Bastard Assignments Tour-Facebook post (with times)

Itching for activity, and too eager to wait for our MEGA events after Christmas (“ooo” says you) , we decided to take noises and shapes of our own work, and that of some exciting artists we love, and bring them to THE WORLD – or to the nearest and best venue we could think of – the dirty, grey, banker-drenched streets of early winter London.


Fred Feeney, remembers it so:

“The greyness of another London day hits with its feathered fist. Under this blank blanket sky we create waveforms between the Thames and the glass.”

1450162_579174238803739_1979698444_n(Early morning crew, duty bound)


Through the lense, we meet and collect ourselves. Arm to arm, newly burdened by many cameras, drums and stands, we excercise ourselves upon a middle afternoon London landscape.”


Fred played with his air, under some sky.



Under a bridge, overlooking landmarks, Samara Dubois danced.



Stationary, but moving, Pianist Claire Simmonds played Edward Henderson’s Black Box Flight Recorder and Imaginary song of a mechanical bird, and Valentina Pravodelova played a piece by London-Based, Australian composer Caitlin Rowley to rushing, sometime curiously glancing, rarely stopping involuntary audience members in St Pancreas.



Murky, on the edge of clarity, Paul McGuire summoned whale like moans from a cello bow and floor tom to the confusion of homebound suited Canary Wharfers in Greenwich foot tunnel. Eerie.


BA FRed tunnel

A brass duet, percussionist, a sound collector and the whirring spokes of an unsuspecting cyclist were part of Tim Cape’s interruption on proceedings.




Tim, Edward, Paul, Florence, Fred.

Watch this space for major episodes – a mini-movie-trailer of the days events, rumours of a pre-christmas session and, of course, more info on our SPANKING NEW events series, starting after Christmas.


About BastardAssignments

Bastard Assignments are a collective of three composers in the South East of London who create live music events featuring a diverse range of musical acts. Formed in 2010 at Trinity College of Music, the collective has put on 2 successful nights of music and plan to be very active in the next while... so watch this space