Vector Festival 2020 documentation

Please find below five videos as documentation to support Bastard Assignments’ proposal for Vector Festival 2020:

  1. Extended Play (2017) by Josh Spear – a made-for-video version of a piece developed for live performance.

2. SUGAR CAGE (2019) by Timothy Cape – for solo performer and video, this video gives an idea of the type of work we present in our in-person performances.

3-5. These three short videos are from our series of ‘lockdown jams’ which we have been releasing weekly since 19 March. These pieces are pulled together quickly and show how we are currently experimenting with the tools available.

3 applies a musical structure to largely visual work, playing with changing distance from the camera

4 is an improvisation, experimenting with multiple cameras and feedback

5 is a simple gestural piece that connects the real spaces we are in with the virtual stage space we currently inhabit in our work