At Your Place: 1. Clare’s

Over the next few months we will be re-appropriating houses, flats,  basements and balconies all over London to create a series of super-intimate, informal, experimental performance events. The first event in our ‘At Your Place’ series kicked off in a haze of sellotape, piano and wine.

We had new compositions by Bastard Assignments composers Edward Henderson, Timothy Cape, and Fred Feeney, as well as pieces from Phil S. Maguire, Eleanor Cully, Caitlin Rowley and Elliot Galvin, with performances from Alexandra Kremakova and Clare Simmonds.

Edward Henderson’s ‘Tape Piece’ created parallels and lines.

Tim Cape used our skulls to amplify the scratchings and tappings of our bodies.

A piano was played in a variety of styles, and watched by a variety of people.
Check out the video:

Thanks to all who came, it was the start of something new. Next time, join us in a high rise flat with floor to ceiling windows and a Brick Lane covering balcony for something a little louder.

S/M/L: L

Matthew Lee Knowles – Spoken word performance

Emma-Jean Thackray – Daughters and Sons

Ing Vild Isaksen (Choreographer) – 2 people

Edward Henderson – Returning to Normal

Timothy Cape & Jenni Hogan – Not that I have, but as an example…

Bit.Seq~ (Aka Fred Feeney ) – Glitchnoise

Britt Hatzius (Film)

Eoin Smith (Turntables) – live audio-visual set

S/M/L is co-produced with Sound and Music, the national agency for new music, as part of their Composer-Curator Programme.

S/M/L: M

Film and Photos by Cian Brennan

Bastard Assignments

present the second instalment in the performance series:

15th February

Witness performers project sound and shadow onto the peeling walls of this incredibly beautiful bombed out church in Peckham.

Featuring music, set design, video art, dance and mulled wine

Click to take the tour.

This experience will feature the work of, and be curated by Bastard Assignments’ resident composers Timothy CapeFred Feeney, Edward Henderson and Paul Mcguire, in collaboration with

guest artists:

Choreographer Thea Stanton,

Composer Cameron Graham,

Video Artist Martin Hampton,

and Set Designer Marcio Andrey Santarosa

and more TBC

Doors: 18.30 / Performance: 19.00

Tickets: £3 advance / £4 door

S/M/L is co-produced with Sound and Music, the national agency for new music as part of their Composer-Curator program.

S/M/L: S

Film by Cian Brennan:

First up in this three-part series is new music from emerging composers and artists, beginning in the nooks and crannies of a tea-room, around the corner of an alley and settling in the backroom of a gallery. The kind owners of Red Door Gallery and Made in Greenwich have opened their doors to host what is sure to be an unforgettable experience for performers and audience alike.

// at The Red Door Gallery from 19:30
Paul McGuire – Sleep Spindles
Tim Cape & Fred Feeney – Text / objects / spatialised speakers
Edward Henderson – Manspangled
// then at Made In Greenwich from 20:20
The Vicious Circus – Free improvisation
Rob Lewis & Gregor Riddell – Cello and electronics

S/M/L is co-produced with Sound and Music, the national agency for new music, as part of their Composer-Curator Programme.

World Tour of London

Itching for activity, and too eager to wait for our MEGA events after Christmas (“ooo” says you) , we decided to take noises and shapes of our own work, and that of some exciting artists we love, and bring them to THE WORLD – or to the nearest and best venue we could think of – the dirty, grey, banker-drenched streets of early winter London.

Fred Feeney, remembers it so:

“The greyness of another London day hits with its feathered fist. Under this blank blanket sky we create waveforms between the Thames and the glass.”

Through the lense, we meet and collect ourselves. Arm to arm, newly burdened by many cameras, drums and stands, we excercise ourselves upon a middle afternoon London landscape.”

Fred played with his air, under some sky.

Under a bridge, overlooking landmarks, Samara Dubois danced.

Stationary, but moving, Pianist Claire Simmonds played Edward Henderson’s Black Box Flight Recorder and Imaginary song of a mechanical bird, and Valentina Pravodelova played a piece by London-Based, Australian composer Caitlin Rowley to rushing, sometime curiously glancing, rarely stopping involuntary audience members in St Pancreas.

Murky, on the edge of clarity, Paul McGuire summoned whale like moans from a cello bow and floor tom to the confusion of homebound suited Canary Wharfers in Greenwich foot tunnel. Eerie.

A brass duet, percussionist, a sound collector and the whirring spokes of an unsuspecting cyclist were part of Tim Cape’s interruption on proceedings.

Tim, Edward, Paul, Florence, Fred.

Watch this space for major episodes – a mini-movie-trailer of the days events, rumours of a pre-christmas session and, of course, more info on our SPANKING NEW events series, starting after Christmas.