At Your Place: 1. Clare’s

Over the next few months we will be re-appropriating houses, flats,  basements and balconies all over London to create a series of super-intimate, informal, experimental performance events. The first event in our ‘At Your Place’ series kicked off in a haze of sellotape, piano and wine.

We had new compositions by Bastard Assignments composers Edward Henderson, Timothy Cape, and Fred Feeney, as well as pieces from Phil S. Maguire, Eleanor Cully, Caitlin Rowley and Elliot Galvin, with performances from Alexandra Kremakova and Clare Simmonds.

Edward Henderson’s ‘Tape Piece’ created parallels and lines.

Tim Cape used our skulls to amplify the scratchings and tappings of our bodies.

A piano was played in a variety of styles, and watched by a variety of people.
Check out the video:

Thanks to all who came, it was the start of something new. Next time, join us in a high rise flat with floor to ceiling windows and a Brick Lane covering balcony for something a little louder.